Since 2006, Magic City Online & now Alabama After Dark have worked with 1000’s of entertainers. Cover Bands, Original Bands, Acoustic Acts, Singer/Songwriters, models, and more! After receiving countless requests from our entertainers and venue partners we launched MCO VIP Entertainment in 2009 and this has exploded… admittedly, at first, in our faces… but once we got the hang of it… MCO VIP Entertainment became the 3rd largest booking and management service in the state of Alabama.

We work with bars, clubs, corporations, rallies of all kinds, festivals, and more to bring the best of Alabama and the Southeastern United States musicians and entertainer to the forefront at these events. Now, in no way does signing up with us mean you will begin playing a relentless schedule immediately… truth be told it may take a year or more to get you moving fast. It’s not for a lack of effort.

In the beginning we made the mistake of taking every “tom, dick, and harry” band or act and pushing them out the door and into gigs as fast as we could. This was a huge mistake and it cost us and our acts big time. Simply put… they were not ready! Being ready is key! So, we had to grow and learn like everyone else and we did.

To be ready successful is not just about the music or your show. That, of course, is a key element but only one of many! Does your act/band/show have what it needs to succeed? Let’s see:


Do yours band/act/show have: 1) A logo? 2) Hi-Res promotional photos? 3) A promo pack? Press kit? 4) Website, Facebook, Twitter? All social media? 5) Song list? Set List? 6) PA System? Light show? 7) Reviews? Recommendations? 8) Booking contract? 9) Promotional Videos? 10, 11, 12, 13, etc on end! In most cases… No, you don’t! Viola… You are not ready… Yet! MCO VIP Entertainment takes care of all that. Is it free? Absolutely NOT! Is it outrageously expensive? Absolutely Not… but it will cost you a little bit of money… Anywhere from $100 to $1500 or more depending on what you need!

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