Venue Services

Welcome to Alabama After Dark.com’s Venue Services section. You are about to start an exciting new chapter in the life of your venue full of high-speed, low drag fun. Alabama After Dark helps take away the stress of marketing and promoting your venue.

It used to be simple. In the old days, you could open your doors and book entertainment and somehow people just showed up. All you had to really do was put your events out in the local or city wide papers and people just came in to play. Unfortunately times have changed. Now, not only do you have to run your businesses. You have to become an expert in marketing and promoting.

You need a website, flyers, radio spots, print ads, Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / all sorts of social media sites, e-mail lists, text alert lists, and so much more! As the promotional needs and trends change more and more time is sucked away from actually running you business that it takes a toll. The only other option is to hire a few people to handle it for you.  Now you have more people to work with, meetings, emails, phone calls, and many other distractions. You don’t need all of that… You need Alabama After Dark! We are a one stop shop for all your marketing and promotional needs. We have the graphic designers, website designers, social media marketers, and more!

Over the years, we have built a wide web to help spread the word about your venue and events. We have 1000’s of people on our social media sites, email lists, and more! Plus our website attracts more than 100,000 unique visitors per month. Put simply, we can take your venue and events and present them to the people you want to see come through your doors!

Let us help you! E-mail us now at getready@alabamaafterdark.com or call us at 205.588.1066 and leave a message. We’ll setup a meeting to come check out your venue. We’ll sit down and discuss your current strategy, future plans and events, then show you how we can help. Then we take it from there… It’s that simple!



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